To create her nocturnal photographs, Eileen Counihan spends hours in the daylight scouting the location and searching the landscape to find "just the right spot" that she'll return to long after sunset. Then, with the dark, moonless night sky as her “canvas", she creates the image using only one shot. Counihan uses extended exposures to capture the stars while simultaneously “painting” with standard incandescent and LED flashlights to illuminate the foreground subjects. 

Camera, lens, tripod, flashlights and weather appropriate clothing such as: mosquito netting, hiking boots, mud boots, snow boots, thermal underwear, etc. Transportation and lodging environmentally appropriate, i.e. tent, camper, RV, 4-wheel drive, 

Counihan's night photographs are available in two treatment styles: Giclee and metal prints. 

Metal Prints
The metal prints are created by infusing dyes with extreme heat and pressure directly into a specially coated aluminum sheet. Unlike paper prints, the image is infused into the surface and not on it. Counihan's star-filled night images combined with the metal printing technique are amazingly vibrant with infinite luminescence. The result? Not only an exceptional piece of art, but a conversation piece.