They Say...The Darkest Nights Show the Brightest Stars...Let's Hope

They Say...The Darkest Nights Show the Brightest Stars...Let's Hope

July 09, 2022

In January 2020, I was in the midst of preparing to open my new gallery on Commercial Street in Provincetown, and was excited to get ready for another season. I was looking forward to exhibiting many new images that I'd taken during my travels across the country - and I especially love photographing our amazing National Parks after dark.

But we all know what happened next: Covid-19 spread like wildfire through Massachusetts and continued across the country. When I realized there wouldn't be a "normal" tourist season in Provincetown, I decided not to open my gallery.

Instead, I focused on helping my family, friends, and myself to stay healthy and get through the pandemic.

Well, I'm happy to say we made it so far. Since the pandemic limited my ability to travel, I've been focusing on two areas where I've spent most of my time over the last two years: the Cape Cod National Seashore near my home on the Outer Cape (literally in my backyard and where I first discovered my passion for night photography) and out in Arizona and the Southwest.

With so many challenges facing us today, whenever I go outside at night and look up and see the millions upon billions of stars out there in the infinite sky, whether it's along the Atlantic coast or out in a vast desert, I still feel inspired, hopeful, and happier for that moment in time.

I hope that when you see my photographs, you feel some of that too.

Eileen Counihan, July 2022